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10 Ravishing Places In Maharashtra Not To Be Missed

Maharashtra is purely blessed with amidst serenity and composure with hundreds of secret places.

These 10 hidden beauties are characterized by using first-rate weather, herbal setting, and tranquil air of mystery and are perfect stoppages for travelers like us.

From historic forts to mountains, dense forests to temples, valleys to rivers and waterfalls to meadows.

These secret places in Maharashtra host the entirety of a nature lover and a tourist would need for.

Let’s have a look at 10 things to do in Maharashtra.

1. Sandhan Valley- An Ideal Camping Destination

Beautiful Sandhan Valley   by Bombay Trooper
Image by Flickr

It is also known as the Valley of Shadows (as the sun’s rays don’t attain the ravines).

A stunning carved valley in the marvelous Sahyadri mountain range, which is a part of Western Ghats in Maharashtra.

Surrounded by amazing and jaw-losing mountains of Ratangad and Kalsubai, the valley stands at the peak of 4255 feet.

It is the ideal spot for trekking and other journey activities.

The adventurous part of the trek kicks in when we are left to rappel down the 100 ft rocky patch with the help of experienced guides and equipment. 

Waterfall at Sandhan Valley  by Bombay Trooper

Unlike all treks, you need to descend down within the valley on the primary day and climb up the following day. This trek isn’t always for people who want to give up halfway!

2. Tapola- Also Called As Mini Kashmir

Scenic Road to Tapola  by Bombay Trooper
Image by Flickr

If you are looking for an old fashioned getaway in a mountain destination, then appearance is in no addition to Tapola in Maharashtra that boasts of lovely lakeside, lush greenery, and seasonal waterfalls.

In monsoon, the peaks around Tapola includes the blanket of lush greenery dotted with quite wildflowers that supply this hill metropolis a surreal appeal.

Beautiful mountains at Tapola  by Bombay Trooper
Sunrise at Tapola

Tapola is a perfect area for people with an urge for food for journey and nature fans who can revel in the picturesque landscapes round.

Tapola is acknowledged for its Gerbera farms and strawberries.

You can visit the farms to relish on some fresh strawberries.

The main attraction of the town is the Shiv Sagar Lake which offers various activities like kayaking, scooter rides, boating, and swimming.

3. Sindhudurg Fort- Mighty Floating Fort

Sindhudurg Fort and its walls  by Bombay Trooper
Image by Flickr

Have you ever witnessed a mighty fortress floating within the blue humming sea? Sindhudurg castle in Maharashtra, one a number of the many forts built with the aid of the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, is a fusion of elegance and antiquity.

The creation of Sindhudurg Fort utilizes the natural safety of the surrounding rocks to their advantage.

With its solid walls and conspicuous gateways, this fortress is a fascinating piece of records that makes it a favorite spot.

Waves crashing at the fort wall  by Bombay Trooper
Sindhudurg Fort

Facts about this fort: 1. There is a branched Coconut tree that offers fruits! You might not get to look a branched Coconut tree everywhere on this international, but here.

This is one in every of a kind inside the international and is a first-rare enchantment here.

2. Wells that do not parch!? This fort has 3 quite water reservoirs that do not get dry even during the summertime when the relaxation of the wells within the nearby villages dries up.

3. Underwater passages are still a depend of awe and the outstanding tactician and monarch in Shivaji had made it possible in the16th century. The castle has a hidden passage within the temple which seems like a water reservoir.

4. Kaas Pathar – Plateau Of Flowers

 Kaas Pathar - Plateau Of Flowers  by Bombay Trooper

Kaas Pathar is one of the famous traveler attractions in Maharashtra and additionally a popular spot amongst nature lovers at some stage in the past due to monsoons.

The small plateau is so rich and precise in its plants that almost 70% of the flora of Maharastra are found only here.

Kaas Pathar is formed by volcanic sports and is covered by using a skinny soil cover because of which, no plant life thrives within the region.

This place comes under a totally high rainfall zone. Due to this, the vegetation and fauna of the region is pretty unique.

Click on the link to experience the best of Kaas Pathar and Thosegar Waterfall

5. Tadoba Andhari National Park – Maharashtra’s Largest National Park

Tiger and his cub at Tadoba National Park  by Bombay Trooper
Image by TripAdvisor

Tadoba National Park is a popular TIGER national park in India is located in Maharashtra.

The region of Tadoba is flourished with a massive biodiversity, which additionally boasts to grip one of the maximum density of the tiger population in India.

The park also beholds the large breeding population of leopards and various species of deer.

On lookers looking at the tiger  by Bombay Trooper
Image by Explara

Over the years, the park has proven a wonderful wide variety of increases within the count number of the tiger species and this is the motive why tiger excursions are so famed to draw a massive number of travelers in its vicinity.

According to the 2010 National Census on Tigers, there are about 43 tigers in the reserve, which is one of the highest in India. 

6. Purushwadi- Fireflies Festival

Fireflies all around the forest  by Bombay Trooper
Image by Travel Trikon

Who wouldn’t want to dive into the myriad of colors dissipated by way of the glowing fireflies? Come June, head to Purushwadi Fireflies Festival where you get to rejoice the lovely and colorful hues of nature amidst sparkling fireflies.

In June, thousands and thousands of fireflies come out in the open and create a fascinating spectacle for the onlookers. Fireflies are clearly no longer flies however beetles with sparkling abdomens.

Located in the Akole block of Ahmednagar, the village of Purushwadi is situated 220 km from both Mumbai and Pune, en route to Nashik.

7. Morachi Chincholi- The Village of Peacocks.

Peacock spotted at the village  by Bombay Trooper
Photograph by Chetan Karkhanis

Hidden in Maharashtra is one true gem. A village that has more peacocks than its population.

It is spread over 25 acres that are still undiscovered by the commercial circuit of travel operators.

It’s an area no visitor can find the money for to miss. Based on the version of Agritourism that is speedy catching up in India, this village offers you a short peep into the rural lifestyle of Maharashtra.

It is situated at a distance of 50 kilometers from the city of Pune. In addition, the village is full of tamarind grooves with the barley field which enhances its beauty more positively.

The peaceful ambiance of this place is unbeatable and is the main attraction.

8. Sula Vineyards- India’s largest wine producer.

Beautiful sunset at Sula Cafe  by Bombay Trooper
Image by TripSavvy

If you are a wine lover, Sula Vineyard is the area for you and in case you aren’t into wines and all, do no longer worry, it is able to nonetheless be an excellent weekend getaway for you.

Serene, lovely location cuddled in the profoundness of nature, Sula Vineyard has the whole thing that could make your trip a memorable one.

Sula has won many awards for their wines that are made exclusively from premium grapes harvested within the local farms.

It offers a wide range of exotic wines including special editions, premiums as well as reserves.

The wines at Sula Vineyards are imported from Sula alternatives which are one of the main importers of different wines in India which includes international brands like Remy Cointreau and Asahi.

Wine bottles in the refrigerator.  by Bombay Trooper
Image by Flickr

The wine grapes spread over the acres of land followed by means of an amazing wine manufacturing facility and wine tasting, you may recognize what exactly splendor is.

A day ride to Sula is the most effective aspect you want to unwind from the hustle-bustle of the monotonous chaos of the city.

9. Harihareswar Beach- Cleanest Beach In Maharashtra

Harihareshwar Beach in the afternoon  by Bombay Trooper
Image by Fab Hotels

Shriwardhan Harihareshwar beach is ranked one of the most popular and the cleanest beaches in Maharashtra.

You can also try an adventurous boat ride to the north side of the Shriwardhan Bay, to explore the once existent kingdom of the ‘Peshwas’.

Popular Activities at Shriwardhan

Harihareshwar Beach: Boating, sailing, swimming, beach volley and beach walking tours are some of the most popular activities among travelers in Shriwardhan Harihareshwar beach.

  by Bombay Trooper

Harihareshwar is also well known for its rich Maharashtrian thali, which offers something for everyone, from Vada Pav to Karanji.

Do not forget to try out Maharashtrian cuisine.

10. Lonar Lake – The Meteor Mystery That Has Even NASA Intrigued

Bird eye view of Lonar Lake  by Bombay Trooper
Image by Pixeldo

Lonar is one of Maharashtra’s best-kept secrets. Home to the Earth’s only hyper-velocity impact crater in basaltic rock,

Lonar is named after the demon, Lonasura, and is ringed by fascinating temples.

The crater was formed fifty-two thousand years ago, when a meteor crashed into the earth at an estimated speed of 90,000kmph, weighing 2 million tonnes.

It gouged a hole that was 1.8km wide and 150m deep.

Lonar Lake has triggered NASA scientists and officials from the Geological Survey of India to attempt answers to questions like,

Why is the lake alkaline and saline at the same time? Does it support micro-organisms rarely found elsewhere on Earth? Why compasses fail to work in certain parts of the crater? And what lurks at the bottom?

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Please tell us about your experience in Maharashtra in the comment section. Or you can also suggest to us some of the off-beat places.

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