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Embracing Workation: A Personal Journey Beyond Home Office Walls

As I navigate through the realms of remote work, the concept of a workation has become more than just a buzzword—it’s a lifestyle choice that blends productivity with the joy of exploration. Having been working from home since March 2020, it’s evident that this trend is here to stay, with major companies like Facebook and Twitter endorsing permanent work-from-home policies.

The pandemic has shifted our perspectives on the traditional office setting. Employers now recognize that true productivity lies in the workforce, not the location. As we transition into a remote-working future, the question arises: why not weave leisure time into our work routines, making workation a seamless part of our lives?

For an outdoor enthusiast like me, confining myself to the four walls of my home seems counterintuitive. The call of the outdoors, muted for a while, becomes insistent. Even giants like Facebook and Twitter are embracing permanent work-from-home policies despite the settling COVID situation, acknowledging that the work-location is no longer a defining factor.

The beauty of a workation lies in its ability to offer a change of scenery while maintaining productivity. While working from home has its perks—uninterrupted WiFi, timely meals, and the comfort of familiar surroundings—the allure of venturing into a new, unfamiliar place is undeniable. A quick survey among fellow remote workers highlighted the top three priorities for a productive and happy remote working experience: reliable internet connectivity, safety, and access to hygienic food for unwinding.

The insistent drumming of the outdoors intensifies, reminding us of the joy of travel and exploration. Staying confined in a city for extended periods, especially for an outdoor enthusiast, can lead to stress and a sense of monotony. It was one such instance that prompted my exploration into the concept of workation and my desire to share this idea with the world.

In this quest, I’ve identified eight offbeat destinations, each assessed by a Score based on WiFi availability, food safety, and nature connectivity. These destinations offer a perfect blend of work and leisure, transcending the conventional boundaries of a home office setup. Dont forget to also carry some comfortable clothing, its a good chance to escape from work clothing, i love my hoppers you should check them out too!

Varkala – Score: 10/10

If there’s one place that captures my heart for a workation, it’s Varkala. With its enchanting vibes and a perfect mix of high-speed internet, diverse international cuisines, and a captivating landscape, Varkala stands as a testament to a seamless workation experience.

  by Bombay Trooper

Masinagudi – Score: 7.5/10

Venturing beyond the well-known Ooty, Masinagudi offers a rich reserve forest experience. Coexisting with wild animals requires strength, but the unique setting provides a distinctive workation environment.

  by Bombay Trooper

Chikmaglur & Coorg – Score: 9/10

Known IT hubs, these destinations provide high-speed WiFi and luxurious homestays. While not the best for unwinding getaways, they top the list for a work+vacation combo, especially for Bangalore residents.

  by Bombay Trooper

Vizag – Score: 7/10

While chosen to represent Andhra Pradesh, Vizag and Arakku Valley boast gems worth exploring. Equipped with facilities, it’s an excellent choice if you’re a resident of the state.

  by Bombay Trooper

Kodaikanal & Poombarai – Score: 8.5/10

Despite Kodaikanal’s commercial tag, places like Poombarai offer an “Into the wild” experience. A workation here allows exploration when time permits, providing a perfect balance.

Alleppey & Kumarakom – Score: 8/10

Kerala’s backwaters offer a blissful experience. While houseboats might be a pricier option, the unique opportunity to work and live on the water is worth considering.

Gokarna & Malpe – Score: 8.5/10

Gokarna’s versatile beaches and Malpe’s serene atmosphere make them ideal for a trippy soul. The destinations offer reliable WiFi and an opportunity to explore while working.

Vagamon & Munnar – Score 9/10

The mystical hills of Idukki provide a magical spell, especially during monsoon. Munnar’s Roja+Dil Se allure and Vagamon’s Rythm-like experience make them ideal for a nature-infused workation.

As I embark on this journey, I encourage everyone to embrace the idea of working from anywhere with strong WiFi, reconnecting with the universe while being productive. Let’s wander (and work) where the WiFi is strong and build a new harmony between ourselves and the world.

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