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Buy our signature Bombay Trooper canvas bagslaptop bagsmessenger bagssling bags from our variety of travel bags collection. All our bags are eco-friendly bags, made from upcycled / recycled materials using sustainable manufacturing processes. Best in class Backpacks For Men & Women.

Canvas Travel Backpacks Online

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AquaTrail: 100% Waterproof Adventure Backpack


The Trooper Bag – Explorer Canvas Backpack


The Firangi – Artisanal Messenger Bag


Aqua Orange & Beige: miniTrooper Day Pack – Cotton Canvas Laptop Bag With Organizer


Maroon & Teal: miniTrooper Day Pack – Cotton Canvas Laptop Bag With Organizer


Solid Grey: miniTrooper Day Pack – Cotton Canvas Laptop Bag With Organizer


Terra Nova Explorer Victor – Upcycled Canvas Backpack


Oscar Messenger: Upcycled Eco-Friendly Canvas Laptop Bag For Men & Women


The Firangi – Artisanal Backpack


The Firangi – Storage Extension Drum


The Firangi Combo: Artisanal Backpack + Messenger + Drum


Whiskey Messenger: Upcycled Eco-Friendly Canvas Laptop Bag For Men & Women


Foxtrot Backpack: Upcycled Eco-Friendly Canvas Backpack For Men & Women


Charlie Backpack: Upcycled Eco-Friendly Canvas Bag for Men & Women


Terra Nova Golf – Upcycled Canvas Duffle Bag


Bombay Trooper is a premier travel fashion and accessory online shop selling off-beat canvas travel backpack online. You can buy canvas bags, laptop bags, messenger bags, sling bags from our variety of travel bags collection. All our bags are eco-friendly bags and upcycled. Our backpacks tend to be lighter than a standard suitcase and much more comfortable - usually fitting neatly beneath the seat in front of you. Plus, you can easily take your carry-on backpack from the airport to natural trails, city tours, beach shores, and beyond.

Backpacks & Travel Bags

Choosing the right canvas backpacks, travel backpack for men & women, laptop bags, or sling messenger bag can help you stay organized, keep your gear and valuables safe and protected, and also complete that professional look that you’re going for. Bombay Trooper has got everything you need right from Laptop bags, travel Packs, trekking backpacks, eco- friendly bags, and messenger bags.

Canvas Travel Backpacks for Men

Rugged but elegant, our range of canvas laptop bags and canvas travel backpacks marks a presence of their own. Made from robust cotton canvas, salvaged and upcycled from old military tents and trucks, our Foxtrot backpacks have a history of a battle hero that made it.

Canvas Travel Backpacks for Women

We have designed travel backpacks for women to carry systems designed to address with ease, whether or not you’re hopping on a flight, jumping on a train, or heading in addition to your off-beat track, your tools will accurately navigate any expedition.

Travel Bags & Backpacks Collection Types

We, at Bombay Trooper, love to experiment with off-beat backpack designs. Being passionate travellers ourselves, we were able to identify the shortcomings of conventional travel backpacks for women and travel bags available in the market and decided to take the matter in our hands. It was during such travels that we realised the need for travel bags and that’s when we ventured into producing backpacks for people who don’t want anything less than convenience during their trips.

Canvas Travel Backpacks

MiniTrooper is a daypack version of our signature canvas backpack The Explorer. This cotton canvas backpack comes in a compact-length but has everything you would need – be it each day workplace use or a hand-baggage on your subsequent flight – well organised for easy living.

Canvas Messenger Bags

Canvas Messenger bags at Bombay Trooper ensures comfort for people carrying heavy or bulky items while allowing easy access to the contents.

Canvas Laptop Bags

Our backpacks have a special compartment to store your laptop, which protects your laptop against damage and dirt. Our Canvas Laptop Bags has multiple compartments for your computer accessories as well.

Sling Messenger Backpacks

We design our sling messenger backpacks to be worn comfortably across the chest or back and secured to the body with a cross-shoulder style strap. Buy your favourite sling laptop messenger bag online at Bombay Trooper.

Best Canvas Backpacks for Travel

Backpacking is a form of low-cost, independent travel, and when you want to do a backpacking tour, you need to have the best canvas backpacks, which are lightweight and easy to carry. Buy travel bags online at Bombay Trooper. The materials we use for our canvas bags are upcycled and recycled. All the more reason to buy canvas backpacks online. The Splash, The Trooper and Minitrooper day packs, Foxtrot backpack, Charlie backpack are some of the best backpacks you will find online.

Why to choose Bombay Trooper to buy Canvas Backpacks & Travel Bags

Use our backpacks to help the environment. How? All our backpacks are made from recycled non-plastic materials. We at Bombay Trooper believe, there is always a good time to hit the road. Our travel backpacks will keep all your essentials secure and organized across any given distance. With carry systems designed to handle with ease, whether you’re hopping on a flight, jumping on a train, or heading further for your off-beat track, your gear will safely navigate any voyage. We are your perfect partner for adventure travel, our range of backpacking packs are designed for travel to the most remote locations to short excursions around the cities. They are ruff & tuff yet fashionable and safe. Although we have to admit, we’re leaning towards the backpack option (also they are trending), not because we feel nostalgic about the good old schoolyard days, but because we’ve found it to be the more practical alternative of the two, especially on budget airlines where you’re more concerned with the weight of your luggage.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What are backpacks?

Backpacks are accessories made of cloth material that help people to carry their belongings in a better and organized manner. It is not only a style statement but also a very convenient way of carrying essential things. Especially while traveling, it gets very tiring and inconvenient to carry luggage around. In such a scenario, travel backpacks are well suited. If you are looking to buy travel backpacks online, you should look for aspects such as the number of compartments, the strength, and the space offered by the backpack.

What are Eco-friendly bags?

Eco-friendly bags offered by us can be used multiple times and do not harm the environment. Such canvas travel backpacks are made of non-plastic recycled materials that make them eco-friendly and a perfect choice for a travel backpack for women and men.

What is the purpose of the messenger bags?

Messenger bags are carried over the shoulder and their strap rests on the chest. The bag is usually kept near the waist but the length of the bag can be adjusted accordingly. These bags can carry heavy content while allowing easy access to the things that are being carried. They do not put much strain on the person as well. Messenger bags are very convenient for traveling with budget airlines where they have restrictions on the weight of the luggage.

Are canvas bags waterproof?

The major advantage of canvas backpacks is their waterproof property, which can take care of your belongings during treks, harsh weather, and even daily travels. They even have a special backpack called the Splash especially for this purpose. For making the backpacks waterproof, special waterproof cotton is used and not any plastic material, unlike other brands.

How many compartments are there in canvas backpacks?

Canvas backpacks have many compartments to facilitate the storage of many things, which make it an ideal backpack for men and women. There are compartments for holding bottles, seventeen-inch laptop sleeves, front and side pockets, and hood compartments. This gives you all the more reason to buy canvas backpacks online as this is a great multipurpose choice.