Terra Nova Explorer Victor – Upcycled Canvas Backpack


This Terra Nova Explorer Victor – Upcycled Canvas Backpack is a multi-purpose ultra-durable backpack that can be taken to the roughest places in middle earth.

The Explorer Bag is designed keeping in mind a true Trooper’s needs – from crazy last minute hikes to everyday use.

Material Used: 100% Cotton Canvas, Brass-Plated Metal Fittings, Cotton Ropes.
Specs: 15″ Laptop Side Sleeve. 16L Capacity. 2 Bottle Holders. 1 Front + 2 Side Pockets. 2 Hood Compartments.
Dimensions: 15″ x 11″ x 6″

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Terra Nova Explorer Victor




Made from tough and long lasting 100% cotton canvas. Stitch has been reinforced on the straps to provide additional strength. Brass plated metal buckles and hooks for locking and mounting various items.

The canvas fabric used in this bag is salvaged and upcycled from old military tents and trucks. It is then processed to give it a certain feel and texture so it can be re-used without compromising on its strength. Due to this nature, each bag will have a distinct crackle effect which will be unique to your that particular piece. You will be carrying an original, timeless, fashionable luggage.. 



The bag features collapsible main compartment that nicely holds all your daily objects but can also blow up to 20 liters of capacity to transform into an ideal vacation bag. Also has a strategically hidden secret pocket if you’re carrying around valuables like cash, concert tickets, chocolates, etc. and need to keep them hidden from your greedy little friends.


The Trooper Bag features a special side-facing laptop sleeve that will do away the need to keep unzipping it frequently and having things fall out. You know like your smelly socks and packets of chips. (And no one gets a peek at your secret stash!). If you’re a frequent traveler, this makes airport security checks a breeze.



Front: Dedicated pockets for everyday essentials like powerbanks, earphones, books, etc.
Chillar Pockets: Two easy access pockets have been provided on either side so you can quickly take the change (or any small knick knacks) out without having to remove the bag while wearing.



The bag has a two-way loop that can be used as an additional grip for your items inside as well as outside – useful for stashing bottles of all sorts, if you get our drift! 😉


Hooks and Loops on various places enables this bag to become the ultimate Trekking / Hiking gear. Front and shoulder loops can be used to hang small accessories like caps, keys, camera; while the bottom hooks can be used to fasten your shoes, sleeping bag, yoga mat, jackets, etc.


Saving best one for the last!
In the new version of Explorer, we added a custom-designed G-hook on the sides which can be used to attach it to any of the 3 loops, allowing the bag to expand and contract depth-wise as per the contents. Stepping out for a meeting with just couple of books? Hook it to the last loop. Going for an overnight trip with one extra pair of clothes? Hook it to the first loop and you just made some extra space. Time to start packing for that trip you have been planning since months? Release the hook and voila! your Trooper Bag has expanded.
Could we have done a better job on the design? We think not!
This is one bag that does it all!

WARRANTY: One year warranty on stitching, buttons and buckles. Free repair or replacement will be provided, depending on the type of defect.


Terra Nova (- noun •  / ˌterə ˈnəʊvə /)
– is latin for “A New Land”

Bombay Trooper, in collaboration with Mona B, brings you this luxurious and premium collection of our bags and backpacks are made from the canvas fabrics that once covered the tents and trucks of various military camps around the world. These canvas fabrics literally travelled the globe and were brought in with sole purpose to upcycle them into what will become your own unique personal luggage, giving them ‘a new land’.

Each of the bags in our Terra Nova collection is unique and has distinct rugged marks from the times they once adorned prestigious cantonments. What you carry will be a one-of-a-kind original timeless piece of fashionable luggage that has its own story to tell.

When Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas during his adventurous explorations, they dubbed it as “A New World”; with a hope to cause a global revolution. Similarly, we aspire to travel the world with a hope to have a similar impact – but of sustainable, recycled / upcycled, eco-friendly products. This is just a small first-attempt and we invite you to come be a part of the change.

Army Military Tent Canvas Tarp  by Bombay Trooper
Nurses at a military tent made of the same cotton canvas fabric.


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Additional information

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Dimensions 40 × 28 × 15 cm
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