Bombay Trooper was formed in 2014 with an idea of creating unique, distinct and pioneering designs in apparel and accessories. We started as a humble T-shirt company that brought in innovation in print-on-demand printing techniques which allowed us to introduce quirky prints in various niche and themes. Soon our love for product design went further and we started experimenting with off-beat backpack designs. Being passionate travellers ourselves, we were able to identify the shortcomings of conventional bags and backpacks available in the market and decided to take the matter in our hands. It was during such travels that we realised the need for comfort clothing and that’s when we ventured into Hoppers – The Everywhere Bottomwear for people who don’t want anything less than crazy.

This is our story. It’s not much but we will soon update this page with insights into what made Bombay Trooper a global brand that it has become today. Stay tuned!