Presenting the softest, fluffiest, coziest winter fabric - The Polar Fleece

Unisex Zipper Jackets for Men & Women


Polar Fleece

A fabric that is so soft, warm & fluffy it feels like a bear hug. Despite the thickness, this fleece jacket is super light in weight too.


Expert Craftsmanship

The meticulous Bombay Trooper craftsmanship ensures this jacket lasts you not just this but for many winters to come. An all-time wardrobe essential.

YKK Zippers & Pockets

This jacket comes with a heavy duty high quality YKK zipper at the centre as well as on the side pockets.

Travel Sack

Each jacket comes with a travel sack to keep it compact, mount it on a luggage or even double up as a travel pillow.

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Unisex Fit

Twin with your travel buddies and create a fun peppy winter wardrobe for the gang. Check out the entire collection of Polar Fleece Jackets.

Winter Wardrobe Redefined

Style it with our travel outfit or lounge at home in your pajamas, this jacket is going to be your best friend throughout the season.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What does fleece jacket mean?
A fabric that is so soft, warm & fluffy it feels like a bear hug. Despite the thickness, this fleece jacket is super light in weight too.


2. Is a fleece jacket warm?
Fleece is warm and comfortable it provides excellent warmth. Its the perfect layer for a range of activities. Go ahead and try our Polar Fleece Jacket .


3. Is a fleece jacket warm enough for winter?
All good winter clothing has to be warm and fleece tops the list. It has a raised Pile surface, keeping the body heat trapped in.


4. What weather is a fleece jacket good for?
Fleece Jackets are great all the way from Indian Winter November to March. Through the winter into Spring!


5. Is it good to wear a fleece jacket?
It is a great way of keeping yourself warm. Athletes usually wear a light Fleece Jacket to keep their muscles warm and climbers wear a layer of fleece under their climbing jacket.


6. Is fleece warmer than puffer?
Fleece Jackets are as warm if not warmer than puffers, only difference is the puffer works very well when windy. Usually our customer wear our fleece jacket instead of puffers too!


7. What jackets keep you the warmest?
Fleece Jackets keep you warmest, puffer jackets keep you dry and if you are looking for a blend-in experience the Bombay Trooper Polar Fleece Jacket is perfect.


8.Do fleece jackets make you sweat?
Specialty of a Fleece Jacket is that it does not make you sweat as it is made of breathable fabrics and breathable knitting techniques. Keeping you warm and sweat free at the same time.


9. Which fabric jacket is best for winter?
Polar Fleece Jacket is best for winter. The Indian Winter we understand best, for which we have created a Polar Fleece Jacket. Light, Warm and comfortable.


10. How long does a fleece jacket last?
The Bombay Trooper Polar Fleece Jacket will last you through many winters. Creating great outdoor memories.