You cannot travel with a ceramic mug as they break easily. Enamel mugs are light weight and are quite durable so they don't break when dropped.
(although the enamel coating may chip off in case of heavy impact)


Plastic mugs aren't sustainable, look cheap and may contain harmful chemicals. These mugs are made of steel, use glass enamel coating with food grade colours to keep the contents pure and environment safe.


Our mugs have prints that inspire your love for travel, even when they're sitting on your desk or by your bedside. Let each sip of your next tea or coffee take you to a place you most desire to visit, or take you back to your last vacation.


These mugs can be kept directly on the stove for reheating. Or even on a campfire to make that warm soup after a long day of trek. Do not microwave.
Careful though, since the handle is also metal, it'll get hot too. We're figuring out a way to insulate them.


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Enamel mugs are trending these days, the reason being their cool look and dual advantage. Enamel mugs are steel containers coated with ceramic glaze heated in high-temperature flames. Being made up of metal, they are less prone to damage due to falls, and the ceramic coating prevents the metal from rusting. They are an ideal choice for traveling stuff, coffee dates, and even serving some other simple purposes at home.

Why Enamel mugs?

Enamel mugs have a whole lot of positive points in favor of why you should have them. They are colorful and quite attractive, which makes them an excellent choice for your kitchenware collection. They are appropriate for outdoor camps, traveling ventures, or decorating your living room. They are lightweight and exceptionally durable. Enamel mugs are a classic choice for your culinary set.

Benefits of Enamel mugs

Light Weight and damage proof

Enamel mugs are relatively easy to handle. As they are not entirely made up of ceramic material, they are exceptionally lightweight and ensure they don't break easily while traveling or due to falls. Though the inner layer is of steel, the ceramic coating keeps it rust-free.

Attractive and theme-based

A wide range of colors is available for Enamel mugs nowadays with various themes such as enamel travel mug, enamel coffee mug, etc. The prints on the exterior of the mug can be personalized to offer it an elegant look.


Enamel mugs can handle heat quite well. So, if you want to sip a hot, brewing coffee in an enamel mug, go for it, without any second thoughts! These can even directly be used over a stove, not microwave.


These cups and mugs are quite durable because of their ceramic coated steel material. A few dents here and there enhance its antique look. So, once you buy an enamel mug, it has a long way to go!


The materials used to make enamel mugs, which are steel, ceramic, and food graded colors, are quite safe and eco-friendly.

Buy Enamel Mug Online in India

Purchasing Enamel mugs in India would be best if done online. There are several online shopping platforms in India where Enamel cups are available. Be it a coffee mug or a travel mug, enamel mugs of every category are available online. Buying Enamel mugs online in India ensures that only the original ones are being delivered to you.

Why choose Bombay Trooper to buy Enamel mugs?

While there are many shopping platforms available in India online to buy Enamel mugs, Bombay Trooper provides you with Enamel mugs of the best quality. There are various themed enamel mugs available here, which are durable, heatproof, and eco-friendly like the travel-themed ones for travel lovers, motivational themed for your study table, or the trending adventure-themed ones for wanderers!

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is an enamel mug? And what are they made of?

The Bombay Trooper Enamel Mug is a heatproof, metal surfaced mug with a layer of ceramic glaze. These are made of stainless steel coated in a durable layer of enamel. The steel gives it the strength and the enamel adds up to its style. Enamel itself is made of powdered glass and few other ingredients which are heated together at around 1600 degrees Fahrenheit. Visit the Bombay Trooper website to buy the best enamel mug online in India. Our mugs have prints that inspire your love from travel, even when you’re sitting at your desk working. Each sip of your tea or coffee would take you back to your last vacation.

Are enamel mugs safe?

These enamel cups are completely safe as they do not react to any food. They are environment-friendly and a great alternative to plastics. They are an easy and well- designed way to reduce your disposable consumption. With enamel camp mugs, you can reduce your plastic consumption and replace the kitchen items with drinkware that are just as practical and a bit more of class and style.

Is an enamel mug good for camping?

Enamel Travel Mugs are a stylish choice for camping, travel, and home drinkware. They are sustainable and are a great alternative to plastic. These mugs are environmentally friendly and sturdy enough to pack in a camper. The enamel mugs are best for traveling as it does not break easily after dropping it because of the steel interior coated with enamel. Enamel mugs are heat proof and can be kept directly on the stove for reheating. To all the wanderlust people out there, enamel mugs can be your best friend. These enamel steel cups are designed and made to be used during camping, trekking, or hiking. These are not only lightweight and durable but can also be kept on a campfire to make that warm soup after a long day of the trek. We, at Bombay Trooper, offer a variety of designs in our Enamel Coffee Mugs. Apart from traveling, these mugs would make a great décor addition to your home. The outdoorsy theme cups help to bring the camping experience into your drinkware too.