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8 Craziest pants ever made in the history of fashion trends.

1. See-Through Plastic Jeans

Topshop Is Now Selling Completely See-Through Plastic Jeans for $100 .Topshop has doubled down on the “Things That Will Get a Reaction from the Internet” concept and started selling a pair of pants that are 100 percent polyurethane and therefore completely see-through. They’re also $100.

“Think outside the box with these out-of-the-ordinary clear plastic jeans—guaranteed to get people talking,” the description reads. “In a straight-leg cut, they feature classic pockets detailing and are cropped at the ankle bone.

2. Detachable jeans

We’ve got you the latest denim fashion scream, and for this one, you might want to cover your ears.

They start at $425, and their main feature, of course, is the cut-outs just below the butt, which allow the wearer to completely detach the lower part and turn their jeans into denim diaper-like shorts

Gigi Hadid is also on board and was one of the first celebs to brave the look wearing them back in June. She wore a cream pair while out in New York and paired them with a simple white tee and a cute mini bag.

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3. Fenty Puma By Rihanna

In the Age of Influencers, Rihanna’s Fenty x Puma Success Proves Musicians Still Reign Supreme.

In late 2014, German sportswear company Puma turned heads when they announced an unexpected appointment: they were naming Rihanna creative director of their women’s collections.

On an earnings call in late April, Puma’s CEO Björn Gulden revealed that the brand is surging, reporting a net income increase of 92% for the quarter. These results marked the continuation of an upward trend that began soon after Rihanna came aboard; Puma’s share price has climbed nearly €200 since her role was announced, and she appeared to drive sales almost immediately.

4. Muddy Jeans

The brand that makes $425 muddy jeans has an entire line of expensive dirty clothes

Just a pair of muddy jeans, right? Not exactly. The jeans in the picture below are shipped with the mud baked right in, but it’s not real mud at all. Even worse, Nordstrom sells them for $425 a pair.

In other words, the jeans make you look rugged, even if you’re not. There’s the rub.  Social media got the joke, forcefully and immediately.

But you can make fun of them free. And that’s a bargain the Internet couldn’t pass up.

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5. Clear panel mom jeans

Topshop Wants You To Buy ‘Mom Jeans’ With Clear Plastic Kneecaps

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Hey, I really wish my kneecaps would sweat more,” or, “Man, I wish people could get a better look at my kneecaps, but I’m wearing jeans?”

Well, you’re in luck because Topshop is now selling jeans with clear plastic kneecap covers sewn in. We’re not quite sure who the intended audience is for these poorly-named “Clear Panel Mom Jeans” from Topshop.

But for only $95, these jeans can be yours. 

6. Camo Hoppers

Hoppers by Bombay Trooper are all-in-one multi-purpose bottom wear designed for travel, workouts, yoga, festivals or daily wear.

They are ultra-light and breathable.

Made from specially treated light and breathable 100% cotton fabric.

Hoppers are so light you barely notice you’re wearing them. Also The fabric and fit allow maximum ventilation. Say goodbye to sweaty-pants.

Comes at an exciting price only at 41.99$

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7. Tulle skirt over jeans

Don’t you just love when fashion repeats itself?

Fashion never ceases to amaze us and we cannot keep calm because tulle skirts have made a strong comeback in the world of style! This trend has come back in different silhouettes and shapes than we were used to backing then.

Yap, it’s a thing now! The day has come and we are wearing skirts over jeans! 

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8. Hippie & Elephant Pants

From Halle Berry to Jennifer Lopez, all your favorite celebrities are rocking harem pants in style.

These comfy hippie essentials are no longer reserved for workouts and casual day outs – they can be edgy, daring, and chic when need be. These are essential for rocking a casual, laid back everyday look.

If you haven’t tried the hippie way of styling your harem pants, you’re missing out on a comfy and chic outfit day. Especially on a fest when you need to be as comfortable as you can without compromising on style, harem pants can save the day.

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9. Denim Hoppers

Bid Goodbye to your Uncalmly Jeans

Hello! Denim Hoppers

Forget jeans. Forget shorts. Forget everything you know about covering your legs. Hoppers – The Everywhere Bottomwear – is ultra-light, breathable and functional pants that cross certain boundaries of whacky.

Denim hoppers are light and you can play any sport or outdoor activities with it, without giving more stress to your legs

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If you like styling yourself and clothing is your passion then must out the latest trend here.

Also, let us know in the comment section if there are more crazy trends in the market.

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