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9 Types Of Travel Luggage You Should Carry For Your Trip

There’s nothing quite like travel to test the durability, security, and style of a piece of travel luggage. Here are nine key features of the best travel backpacks, along with the recommended purpose for each.

1. Rolling Luggage: For family Visits, Road trips, travel to urban areas

They usually have a lot of pockets to hold toiletries, medications, etc., and they are designed to handle any type of luggage transport system at the airport.


  • Treaded wheels that maneuver easily even on rough terrain.
  • Extra-sturdy handles made to be grabbed thousands of times without breaking.
Rolling Luggage : Family Luggage   by Bombay Trooper

2. Brown Explorer Backpack: For camping, hiking and road trips


  • Dedicated pockets for everyday essentials like power banks, earphones, books, etc.
  • Strategically hidden secret pocket if you’re carrying around valuables like cash, concert tickets, chocolates, etc.
  • Brown Explorer Backpack features a special side-facing laptop sleeve that will do away the need to keep unzipping it frequently and having things fall out. You know like your smelly socks and packets of chips.
Brown Explorer Camping Backpack used for Travel Expedition  by Bombay Trooper

3. Wheeled Duffel: Best for adventure, family trips, and road trips


  • This travel luggage bag usually have side and front handles that are durable and won’t break; clips that allow you to attach other small bags to them to make your load easier to manage.
  • Straps allow to make the duffel a little more compact and therefore easier to maneuver.
  • Most duffels offer advantages that include oversized, heavy-duty wheels and a sturdy chassis that allow you to pull the bag over almost any type of surface without damaging it.

4. The Firangi- Artisanal Backpack: Best for hippie festivals, organized tours, and expeditions


  • The artisanal backpack features a dedicated top-loading laptop compartment that can be quickly accessed without having to open the bag at all. This makes airport security checks a breeze too.
  • There are two brass hooks on the side and two on the shoulder straps. Mount your Swiss knife, sunglasses, hat or even a GoPro here.
  • Fact: Do you know who invented the Backpack? : Dick Kelty in 1952 invented the backpack that is also known as packsack, pack, rucksack, and knapsack.
The Firangi- Artisanal Backpack: Best for festivals and organized tours.  by Bombay Trooper

5. Wheeled Backpack: Best for adventure travel and cross-country trips


  • This travel luggage bag includes special pockets for cell phones and music devices, as well as a sturdy telescoping handle that is reinforced with a rubber grip. 
  • Size doesn’t take away from the fact that they are sturdy and reliable.
Wheeled Backpack for Cross Country Trips.  by Bombay Trooper
Picture Credits <a href=httpstheluggageprofessionalscomau>httpstheluggageprofessionalscomau<a>

6. Sling Canvas Messenger bag: Good for photography tours, assignment trips and day trips


  • Waterproof inner-lining to prevent against light rains and accidental spills.
  • Two Front Pockets for knick-knacks, bottle holder & side pocket. Inside Zip Pocket for secured, valuable objects.
  • The shoulder strap is attached with a quick-release buckle and can be easily removed to convert it into a soft briefcase with a handle.
Sling Canvas Messenger bag : Good for photography tours.    by Bombay Trooper

7. The Splash –  Water Proof Backpack: Best for monsoon treks, rainforest expedition, and adventure sports.


  • The exterior of the Splash Backpack is made with 100% cotton canvas fabric – treated with a special water-repelling magic potion.
  • This bag features a roll-top design that can expand or contract based on your requirement.
  • Side and bottom of the bag feature adjustable fastening straps to mount tripods, sleeping bags, raincoats or even your wet shoes.
  by Bombay Trooper

8. Traditional Duffel: Best for climbing trips, budget travel.


  • Outside pockets allow storing even semi-large objects. Due to reinforced insides, it’s difficult to destroy.
  • They are also more pliable than those that have wheels, making them easier to stuff in the backs of cars, load onto roof racks or strap to a pack animal.
  by Bombay Trooper

8. Rucksack: Best for international tours and mountain expeditions

It is undoubtedly one of the most convenient bags to carry when traveling. The number of pockets it has makes it easy to organize and store a lot of items separately if required.


  • Don’t take into account a number of scenarios when you will regret not having your rucksack. At that moment you choose comfort but what you don’t realize is that your bag is a life savior on the trek.
  • There is a misconception among people that they might fall carrying a rucksack on their back. What most people don’t know that a rucksack is actually the balance-maker on the trek.
  • Rucksack backpacks are always a good option than shoulder or messenger bags for carrying travel supplies. That’s because the weight of the pack is evenly distributed across your body. which can save you from falling on the trail.
  by Bombay Trooper

Let us know in the comment section in case if we have missed putting any of the trending backpacks in the blog. We might help you with some travel hacks too 😉

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