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A Whirlwind Journey: Exploring Air India’s 787 Business Class from Srinagar to Delhi and Onward to Dubai

Embarking on an unexpected adventure, my journey commenced from the picturesque Srinagar to Delhi with Bhutan Airlines. Facing the crucial decision of reaching Dubai for my United Airlines flight, I weighed the options of Air India or Emirates. With Air India offering a considerably more budget-friendly option at $768 for a one-way business class ticket compared to Emirates, I embraced the chance to delve into the world of the Indian flag carrier. Join me as I share the highs and lows of my first-ever Air India 787 business class flight, spanning from the tranquil settings of Srinagar to the bustling cityscape of Delhi and onward to the vibrant city of Dubai.

The allure of a business class ticket priced at $768, paired with the prospect of avoiding an older 777 with angled seats on Emirates, made the choice clear. Despite the reservations often associated with Air India, I approached the flight with an open mind. To my delight, the overall experience turned out to be surprisingly satisfactory as I journeyed aboard the Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner.

The business class seat, though standard, won me over with its spacious design. Offering ample room for my feet, the seat made the three-hour journey from the scenic Srinagar to the bustling city of Delhi a comfortable experience. The cabin exuded cleanliness and a well-maintained ambiance, creating a positive first impression.

One standout aspect of the Air India experience was the excellent service provided by the cabin crew. The ladies in business class were not only kind and attentive but also addressed passengers by their surnames throughout the flight—a personal touch that added to the overall positive atmosphere.

The airline impressed with its offering of actual newspapers—a rarity these days—and the presentation of full-size bottles of alcohol during the meal service. The menu featured four meal options, all distinctly “Indian” in flavor. While the selection was extensive, a non-curry option would have been a welcomed addition. I opted for the chicken Chettinad Kathi roll, which, despite its pungent gravy, showcased the airline’s commitment to authentic flavors.

Unfortunately, the in-flight entertainment (IFE) selection left much to be desired. With a limited range of options, passengers are advised to bring their own entertainment for longer Air India flights. At the same time the baggage allowance is a boon, i can travel with my favourite outfits, all the way from my hoppers to my denim jackets. No need to worry about excess baggage.

In conclusion, my maiden flight with Air India exceeded expectations. The solid product, coupled with exceptional service, left me with a positive impression. The ongoing transformation led by the Tata Group holds promise, and I’m excited to witness Air India’s potential as it competes with regional rivals. Here’s to more pleasant surprises in the future skies with Air India, as I continue my journey from Delhi to the bustling city of Dubai.

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