Charlie Backpack: Upcycled Eco-Friendly Canvas Bag for Men & Women


Charlie Backpack is a versatile solution to modern day user that can expand or contract on demand with its 3-levels of roll-top mechanism. Like rest of our bags from the Terra Nova collection, this one too, is made from upcycled cotton canvas fabric that is salvaged from military tents and trucks, giving each backpack a distinct origin story but with the same happy ending.

Proudly built in India with best craftsmanship and superior quality materials that are made to last.

Material used: Recycled Cotton Canvas, Vegan Leather Highlights, Brass Plated Fittings
Dimensions: 11″ x 15″ x 4.5″ (Expanded) | 11″ x 22″ x 4.5″ (Contracted)
Specs: 12-18L Capacity. 2 Front Pockets. 1 Inside Pocket.

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Made from tough and long lasting 100% cotton canvas. Luxurious faux leather highlights. Brass plated fittings and rivets for durability.

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The canvas fabric used in this bag is salvaged and upcycled from old military tents and trucks. It is then processed to give it a certain feel and texture so it can be re-used without compromising on its strength. Due to this nature, each bag will have a distinct crackle effect which will be unique to your that particular piece. You will be carrying an original, timeless, fashionable luggage.


Versatile solution to a modern day user, a backpack that can expand or contract on demand with its 3-levels of roll-top mechanism. You can pack light for your onwards trip and come back with souvenirs (or grocery shopping) without needing any extra bags because now your backpack and magically transform into a Charizard (wish he too could go back to being Charmander, right? *sob*)
Main compartment has 12 to 18 litres of storage based on how much you roll. The bag has 1 inside pocket and 2 front pockets (phone and wallet size)
No built-in padded laptop section like our other bags but you can definitely carry upto 13″ laptop inside.

WARRANTY: One year warranty on stitching, buttons and buckles. Free repair or replacement will be provided, depending on the type of defect.


Eco-Friendly Canvas Laptop Bags & Backpacks
Recycled From Old Army Tents & Trucks

Terra Nova (- noun •  / ˌterə ˈnəʊvə /)
– is latin for “A New Land”

Bombay Trooper, in collaboration with Mona B, brings you this luxurious and premium collection of our bags and backpacks are made from the canvas fabrics that once covered the tents and trucks of various military camps around the world. These canvas fabrics literally travelled the globe and were brought in with sole purpose to upcycle them into what will become your own unique personal luggage, giving them ‘a new land’.

Each of the bags in our Terra Nova collection is unique and has distinct rugged marks from the times they once adorned prestigious cantonments. What you carry will be a one-of-a-kind original timeless piece of fashionable luggage that has its own story to tell.

When Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas during his adventurous explorations, they dubbed it as “A New World”; with a hope to cause a global revolution. Similarly, we aspire to travel the world with a hope to have a similar impact – but of sustainable, recycled / upcycled, eco-friendly products. This is just a small first-attempt and we invite you to come be a part of the change.

Army Military Tent Canvas Tarp  by Bombay Trooper
Nurses at a military tent made of the same cotton canvas fabric.


Additional information

Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 48 × 37 × 7 cm
Base Material

Salvaged, Upcycled Cotton Canvas Fabric


Vegan Leather


Brass Plated Aluminium

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