Stain-Proof Hydrophobic Polo T-shirts

No stink. No stain. No Wrinkles. Whoa!

Smart practical clothing for stress-free living. Be it WFH video calls or your outdoor escapades, never worry about spoiling your shirt because of food or sweat.

Water-repelling. Breathable. Anti-odour.

Nothing sticks to this fabric - be it water, food or pigeon poop. Yet the nanotech Bioguard treatment makes it breathable and efficiently wicks moisture.

Bio-active silver treatment makes this fabric prevent bacteria build-up that causes body odour.

Long Lasting. Low Maintenance. Sustainable. Eco Friendly.

A T-shirt that lasts for years and doesn't require frequent washing naturally helps reduce consumption of water and other resources. A new, smarter approach to sustainable fashion.

Neat Craftsmanship Meets Modern Nanotechnology

Life-proof hydrophobic T-shirt in classic Polo style and timeless colours. You can't go wrong with this one.

A wardrobe necessity. Check out the all 4 colours.

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