Forget pants. Forget shorts. Forget everything you know about covering your legs.



An original creation of Bombay Trooper, Hoppers are THE pants you'll ever want to wear.



Hoppers are so light you barely notice you're wearing them.


Hoppers is ideal for travel, gym, yoga, leisure or practicing your ninja kicks.


The fabric and fit allows maximum ventilation. Say goodbye to sweaty-pants.


Hoppers fits everyone. Never worry about growing in or out of them.

Hoppers Pants: Harem Style Pants

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If you asked the Millenials what is their preferred form of bottoms, 95 percent of the time the answer would undoubtedly be Pajamas. It's not because Pajamas are necessarily the most comfortable pair of pants out there (Hello, Hoppers!), but they are the one pair of bottoms you can depend on in a pinch.

Hoppers by Bombay Trooper are unique Harem Style pants designed for maximum comfort. Hoppers Pants are made of breathable fabric, which makes it very light, and flexible. These free-size Harem pants make them perfect for all kinds of activities such as yoga, gym, trekking, travel or even lazing around on Sundays.

If you are a traveller, or love to enjoy a more laid-back style of dressing, or just like to be comfortable, these pairs of Harem Style pants or trousers are a perfect fit for you. These Hoppers Pants are worn by both men and women for centuries. From a traditional ‘dhoti’ worn by men in the east to a modern unisex favourite in the western world, these Harem style Hoppers pants have gone through a lot of innovation over the decades.

Harem Style Hoppers Pants: A Trend Setter

Hoppers Pants for men and women are available in many different prints, materials, and styles. What are you waiting for?  Check out our new collection of Hoppers! Buy hoppers pants to jazz up your style with comfort as they have become very fashionable and are in vogue right now. 

Hoppers are comfortable for every occasion! It is something you can use as your travel pants while travelling, yoga plants while finding your inner peace, loose clothing while you are chilling being a couch potato. These are a perfect choice for travel pants for men which means you are comfortable no matter where you are - sitting on the top berth of a train reading a book, sitting in an airplane, trekking, and exploring the mountains, or practising yoga. These comfort friendly pants just give you enough breathing space which is required on a long haul journey.

Hoppers/Harem Style Pants for Men

Hoppers Harem pants are trendy and stylish trousers that are made from 100% soft Cotton. These Harem Pants for Men are perfect wear for the summer. It's so comfortable and breezy, that you can wear these trousers indoors as well as outdoors. These pants come in free sizes and have a free size waist. They are the most comfortable trousers ever made and are available in so many wide arrays of colours, designs, and fabrics. At Bombay Trooper, choose from the lastest Hoppers collection of Cotton Pastels, Camo, Denim, Earthy, and Yak wool (winter collection).

Hoppers/Harem Style Pants for Women

Each woman has their own unique sense of style. Women admire to look their best only on special occasions but when it comes to comfort, they like free-flowing loose clothes to feel their absolute best. Women all around the world love to wear boho styled hoppers pants by pairing it up with t-shirts and crop tops. Hoppers Harem pants for women are not only comfortable but they keep you cool throughout the day, even while chilling at home.

Types of Hoppers Pants

Hoppers Pants are available in so many different options that you’ll be bound to fall in love with them - 

Cotton Hoppers Pants

These Cotton Hoppers Pants are made from 100% pure cotton for a breezy and comfy feel. These are suitable for all occasions - summer clothes, beachwear, chill out, street casual, travelling, lazy days at home, even on the bed; Great choice for maternity as well.

Denim Hoppers Pants

In our Denim Hoppers collection, you’ll get amazing stone washed, duel tone, dark, and light coloured unisex hoppers for both men and women.

Hoppers/Harem Style Pants - Latest Collections

Well, our latest collection comprises Cotton Pastels, Camo, Checkered, Denim, Denim print, Earthy, Elements of Nature, and Yak wool collection (especially suitable for cold weather). Go crazy and choose from this wide variety of Travel pants for women and men.

Buy Hoppers/Harem Style Pants Online

Buy hoppers pants online at Bombay Trooper in an easy and hassle-free manner. We want your shopping experience to be a good one and we do our level best to ensure that you are satisfied with our product. With easy returns, cancellations, and refund policy, shop at Bombay Trooper without any concerns. 

Why to choose Bombay Trooper to buy Hoppers pants

Bombay Trooper is a premier travel fashion and an accessory online shop selling uber-cool travel pants for men and women. We, at Bombay Trooper, love to experiment with off-beat harem pants, t-shirts, hoodies, shorts, and backpack designs. Being passionate travellers ourselves, we were able to identify the shortcomings of conventional clothing, bags, and backpacks available in the market and decided to take the matter in our hands. 

It was during such travels that we realised the need for comfortable clothing and that’s when we ventured into Hoppers – The Everywhere Bottomwear for people who don’t want anything less than crazy.