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Tuscan Flower Patches: Denim With Prints - Hoppers For Women


Hoppers by Bombay Trooper are all-in-one multi-purpose bottom wear designed for travel, workouts, yoga, festivals or daily wear.

Material: 100% Cotton Denim Fabric
Highlights: 100% Printed Cotton

Free size. Waist 26" to 36". Length: 42".
Unisex. Fits Men and Women. 

Style: Tuscan Floral Prints in Round Patches
Collection: Denim Prints


Forget pants. Forget shorts. Forget everything you know about covering your bottoms.
Introducing Hoppers - The Everywhere Bottomwear

Yet another original design from the house of Bombay Trooper - Hoppers are THE pants you'll ever want to wear.

Goodbye Boring Pants - Jeans and trousers are so this era. Get into a crazy world of whacky pants that's hip enough to be on a starfleet of USS Enterprise.

Tough Tough But Light - Original denim fabric which is lighter than your usual jeans but with unrestricted movement and flexibility of a ninja. (Beware of Russian spies trying to get their hands on your Hoppers)

Limited Edition Prints - Printed Hoppers are like shooting stars. Once you miss them, it's never coming back. If you grab them on short time while they're in stock, your wishes may come true* 
*conditions apply

Trendy - You can wear them while traveling, at a festival or at your best friend's wedding. Hoppers are universally cool.

Flexible - The unique flexible fit and flowy structure allows Hoppers to be perfect gym wear, yoga wear or even dance wear.

One Size For All Of Humanity - We don't discriminate size, shape, gender or species. We have retained the original Hoppers fit that is good for most human bodies and some really really fit Gorillas.

Cocktail Of Flavours - You can't eat pizza every day. Or a biryani. That's why we mix and match our denim Hoppers with unique prints and patterns sourced from all around the world.


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