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Denim Hoppers - Harem Pants For Men And Women
Printed Hoppers - Harem Pants For Men And Women
Original Hoppers - Harem Pants For Men And Women

Forget pants. Forget shorts. Forget everything you know about covering your legs.

Introducing Hoppers - The Everywhere Bottomwear

Yet another original design from the house of Bombay Trooper - Hoppers are THE pants you'll ever want to wear.


Hoppers Are Light

So light, you barely realize you're wearing them. Besides, several instances of unexpected levitation have been recorded since it's release.

They're Breathable

Re-engineered cotton weave allows maximum ventilation and comfort. No more sweaty pants.

They're Flexible

The unique flexible fit and flowy structure allows hoppers to be perfect gym-wear, travel-wear, yoga-wear or even dance-wear.

They're Smart

Hoppers have elastic waist and ankle bands to fit everyone from Shakira to Shaquille O'Neal. Never worry about growing in or out of them.

Available in 3 Styles

Hoppers can be paired with a T-shirt, Shirt or even a Kurta. We weren't kidding when we said they're "multi-purpose".


Goodbye Boring Pants

Jeans and trousers are so this era. Get into a crazy world of whacky pants that's hip enough to be on a starfleet of USS Enterprise.

Tough Tough But Light

Original denim fabric which is lighter than your usual jeans but with unrestricted movement and flexibility of a ninja. (Beware of Russian spies trying to get their hands on your Hoppers).

Cocktail Of Flavours

You can't eat pizza every day. Or a biryani. That's why we mix and match our denim Hoppers with unique prints and patterns sourced from all around the country.

One Size For All Of Humanity

We don't discriminate size, shape, gender or species. We have retained the original Hoppers fit that is good for most human bodies and some really really fit Gorillas.

Limited Edition Prints

Printed Hoppers are like shooting stars. Once you miss them, it's never coming back. If you grab them on short time while they're in stock, your wishes may come true*

*conditions apply


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