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Hoppers - Multi-purpose Unisex Pants by Bombay Trooper

Forget pants. Forget shorts. Forget everything you know about covering your legs.

Introducing Hoppers - The Everywhere Bottomwear

Yet another original design from the house of Bombay Trooper - Hoppers are THE pants you'll ever want to wear.

Hoppers Are Light

So light, you barely realize you're wearing them. Besides, several instances of unexpected levitation have been recorded since it's release.

They're Breathable

Re-engineered cotton weave allows maximum ventilation and comfort. No more sweaty pants.

They're Flexible

The unique flexible fit and flowy structure allows hoppers to be perfect gym-wear, travel-wear, yoga-wear or even dance-wear.

They're Smart

Hoppers have elastic waist and ankle bands to fit everyone from Shakira to Shaquille O'Neal. Never worry about growing in or out of them.

Available in 3 Styles

Hoppers can be paired with a T-shirt, Shirt or even a Kurta. We weren't kidding when we said they're "multi-purpose".