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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is a flannel shirt used for?
Flannel as a fabric is used for men's Pajamas and Sleepwear, it was first used for suiting. Once you feel the soft fall of the fabric and the heating power it possesses, you yourself will understand why it is a popular pick for winter wear.


2. Why is it called flannel?
While the origin of “Flannel” is uncertain, it is likely to have come from the Welsh word gwlanen, which means “woolen cloth”. A differentiation in sound, leads some to  suggest that it originated from the Old French word flaine, a kind of coarse wool.


3. What is the difference between plaid and flannel?
Flannel and plaid often go together, flannel is the fabric with which the shirt is made and plaid is a pattern that is made on the flannel fabric. Not to be mistaken for, plaid can also be a pattern on other fabrics. Most used on Flannel.


4. What's the difference between a flannel and shirt?
Flannel is the fabric with which a shirt is made. Flannel is the warm comfortable fabric that will keep you warm and snug in winters. Bombay Trooper design and color fabric to make sure you get a unique and high quality product.


5. Should flannel shirts be tucked in?
In general the style of the flannel shirts look best when untucked. This is the main reason to why they have a straight or slightly curved hem. That said like all shirts, if they are long enough you can tuck it in. Again like everything in fashion it is up to you and your liking.


6. Why are flannels so popular?
Flannels are most popular with men in their 24 to 35. They come across as rugged and mature. This being said, women love the oversized look of a flannel shirt, tying the loose ends of the shirt or just tucking it in with a high waisted pair of jeans.


7. What type of people wear flannels?
Flannel is mostly as mentioned above worn by men, it gives them the rugged feel.


8. Are flannels Still in Style 2023?
Bombay trooper Flannel shirts are a hot seller in the year 2023. The trendy styles and the comfort make them a pure winner.


9. Should flannels be loose or tight?
Flannel shirts are generally worn as a loose or regular fit. Tight Flannel shirts are mostly worn with skinny jeans or chinos, but the original style comes from a loose flannel shirt.


10. Is a flannel too casual for a date?
Flannel is not too casual for a date, rather it gives a very relaxed and mature feel to your personality. Try it on for your next date and let us know how you feel!