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A T-shirt is an essential component in all our wardrobe, irrespective of men and women. Be it a coffee date, a weekend party, a road trip or a get together with friends and family, you can never go wrong with a stylish T-shirt. Graphic Printed T-shirts for men are the most favourite as it comes with a tinge of colours, story, design, meme, or monologues. At Bombay Trooper, you will get a wide range of graphic t-shirts for men which helps you express your personality. Choose from an array of designs, colours, and styles.

Printed T-shirt for Men

You will be amazed by the Hoppers’ printed t-shirts for men collection. We have curated and designed new printed t-shirts for men as per the millennials’ taste and style. Some of our popular styles include Adventurous, Anti-social, Creative, Cute, Desi, Drunk, Fit, Flirty, Geeky, Goofy, Hungry, Inappropriate, Lazy, Nerdy, Party, Sarcastic, Sporty, Stoned, and Quarantined life.

Stylish Printed T-shirt for Men

Go casual the modish way with our exhaustive fleet of stylish printed T-shirts for men, that encompasses stylish round neck, V-neck tees, classic graphic printed cartoon characters, and a whole lot more!

Types of Printed T-shirt for Men

Men’s graphic t-shirts with printing on them are like the staple diet of any wardrobe that one cannot get enough of because they come in so many different kinds. Check out what Hoppers have to offer.

Super-hero T-shirts

Dreamt of being a superhero when you were a child? Well, thankfully you can wear some of the superhero t-shirts with cool logos and names of our beloved superheroes without people frowning upon you. Be a part of this hottest trend by wearing the t-shirts of your favourite comic book heroes, and heroes from the latest movie releases.

Funny T-shirts

This is what you need after a long day of work and a long tiring week - A funny quote on your t-shirt to express yourself. You can find a lot of men’s funny printed t-shirts at Hoppers, Bombay Trooper.

Party T-shirts

If you are a follower of the mantra - ‘Work Hard and Party Harder’, then you need a funny party quite on your t-shirt to go with such parties. Buy printed t-shirts for men online at Bombay Trooper for the best and unique party quotes.

Travel T-shirts

Men’s fashion graphic tees also come with some travel quotes. Own your style with some of the unique travel t-shirts which can be exclusively found in Bombay Trooper.

Printed T-shirt for Men - Latest Collections

We have the most one-of-a-kind printed t-shirts for men. Our latest collection encompasses different themes like The 90s, Animals, Bollywood, Books, College, Comics, Food, Games. Gym, Internet, Movies, Music, Photography, Travel, TV, and Wheels. We have plenty of your all-time favourite, everyday round neck tees, polo tees, V-necks, etc.

Buy Graphic Printed Men’s T-shirt Online

Whether you are the trendsetter, the hustler, the life of the party, the wanderlust, or the social media maven, we’ll dress you from head-to-toe, as you take the lead in your trooper lifestyle. We value freedom of expression, whether it’s with your designs or those made available by our community. Online fashion is certainly more exciting with Bombay Trooper. Buy printed t-shirts for men online with our latest collections in Travel T-shirts, funky T-shirts, party T-shirts. Apart from these, there are funkiest of T-shirts that you won't find on any online shopping sites in India are showcased at

Why to choose Bombay Trooper to buy Men’s Printed T-shirts

Founded in 2014, Bombay Trooper is a lifestyle travel brand that makes distinctive and smart fashion for the trendy and contemporary millennial. Communication is the essential key to our smooth service. Your Bombay Trooper online fashion/travel shop is just here to subtle your hunger for exciting outfits!. Work your fashion with a wide range of Men’s printed and graphic T-shirts and Hoppers are available only one click away! Make a statement with our graphic t-shirts online. Most importantly, however, we are a passionate team of independent creators who buzz for the next buzz word, whistle as we work and create designs that inspire the next generation of trendsetters from around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What are graphic printed tees for men made of?

The Graphic T-shirts for Men are made with premium quality 100% cotton fabric with crisp digital printing of images and catchy quotes or tags. Bombay Trooper provides various new collections of travel t-shirts, funky t-shirts, and party t-shirts with printed ideas, logos, quotes, and trendy lines. The cloth is soft and breathable for comfortable yet smart wear. It is designed for maximum comfort with the best cotton fabric for trendy and contemporary millennials. Men’s Graphic t-shirts can be worn at any time with any pants, jeans, and harem pants for the perfect outlook wear. With a round neck and short sleeves, the printed t-shirts can be machine washed and can be worn during casual occasions.

Are funny quotes printed t-shirts available for men?

Bombay Trooper designs many t-shirts with ideas and quotes from our customers and community, communicating with them and providing freedom of expression. At Bombay Trooper, you can find many men’s funny Printed t-shirts for men with funny quotes that you cannot find on any other shopping site. We have a wide range of new printed t-shirts for men collection with comics and the best funny quotes printed at a reasonable price. Whether you are a party-goes, trend-setter, wanderlust, or a trooper, buy printed t-shirts for men online at our eCommerce store and look the part.

What are the colors the men’s printed t-shirts are available in?

We offer various colors available for men’s fashion graphic tees such as white, black, grey, red, navy, blue, and other combined colors which you can match with pants for the best outlook. Our fabulous collection of printed t-shirts for men comes with different colors to fit your liking and any outdoor lifestyle. Be it college, gym, vacation, workplace, or even at home, be in your comfortable look with colors and prints.

Are customized printed t-shirts for men available?

Custom printed t-shirts for men are offered on the Bombay Trooper’s eCommerce website. We communicate with our customers and our community and provide freedom of expression for printing their designs on t-shirts. We accept collaborative ideas and designs and make them available for sale at an affordable price range. Get ready and inspired to share your ideas for the best look. Work your fashion with our wide range of men’s funny printed t-shirts and go casual while looking the part.