Presenting the most luxurious, visually stunning and durable fabric - The Corduroy

Unisex Zipper Hoodies for Men & Women

The Corduroy Story

This zipper Hoodie is constructed from the gorgeous royalty fabric of 18th Century England knows as "Corduroy".

Due to its practical and durable nature, the Corduroy became popular among the farmers and industrial workers in the following years, much like Denim. The masses were able to wear this velvet finish luxury fabric without worrying about damaging it.

This Corduroy Hoodie perfectly captures our ethos of practical fashion - You don't have to give up comfort in order to look good. These Hoodie is:

  • Durable Yet Light-Weight
  • Luxury Velvet Finish
  • Breathable
  • Super-soft

Wash Care: Hand-wash only using mild detergent.


YKK Zippers

Custom designed YKK zippers that complete the look and premium quality of this jacket. Layer this up over any outfit and instantly look like a million bucks.


Expert Craftsmanship

The meticulous Bombay Trooper craftsmanship ensures this hoodie lasts you not just this but for many seasons to come. A multi-purpose timeless wardrobe essential.

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