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Checkered Flannel Pants For Men

Super comfy loungewear pants made from fluffy flannel fabric using recycled material.

For eco-conscious men and women.

Comfy, Soft & Light

Recycled Fabric

Unique Styles

Expert Craftsmanship

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Christmas Green Checkered Flannel Pants For Men


Teal & Orange Checkered Flannel Pants For Men


Desert Red Checkered Flannel Pants For Men


Steel Blue Checkered Flannel Pants For Men


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What kind of Fabric is Flannel?
Flannel fabric is a fabric put together with loose woven fibers. The Flannel Sheets are made of cotton, but one could also replace the cotton with wool fiber blends, or synthetic fibers. The fuzzy texture of Flannel comes from a technique called “napping”, which makes Flannel Checkered Pants very comfortable.


2. What are the different Types of Flannel?
- Wool Flannel
Most European flannel types are woolen. Are also used by us at Bombay Trooper.

- Cotton Flannel
Become more popular in the colonial expansionism times and is highly sought after for various garments. Are also used by us at Bombay Trooper.

- Synthetic or mixed flannel
Many types of flannel on the market today are made with synthetic materials like polyester or nylon instead of natural fibers.


3. What is Flannel Fabric best for?
Flannel Fabric is best used for soft and comfortable apparel, perfectly used by the designers of Bombay Trooper, we have checkered flannel pants and shirts. The soft breathable fabric gives you a total comfort experience as used for upper and lower wear. Comfortable, soft and breathable welcome to the world of Flannel!


4. What is a better Flannel of Polyester?
The biggest difference between flannel and polyester is one is made of natural material which is flannels and polyester is made of synthetic environmentally harmful fibers. We at Bombay Trooper stay away from polyester, synthetic and promise for a sustainable tomorrow. Flannel fabrics are loosely woven together whereas polyester holds a knitted structure . These fabrics are a valid choice for winter clothing.


5. Does Flannel Shrink when washed?
At Bombay Trooper we take great care of our products before dispatch. All Fabrics that have a chance of shrinkage we pre wash the fabrics making sure what you receive at your doorstep is what you expect. There is shrinkage in Flannel but if well pre washed we assure you there will be no shrinkage.


6. Should you fold or hang Flannel Clothing?
One could do either or with flannel clothes, it is easy to fold or hang and not expect any creases. My personal suggestion and what we do with our clothes at Bombay Trooper is we hang them. Till they have to be dispatched, hoping to not crease the shirt too much if left in a fold for weeks.


7. Can Flannel Checkered Pants be ironed?
Yes absolutely can Flannel be ironed. It helps give flannel pants and shirts a sharp crisp look. That is why we recommend depending on your look, if you are going smart and slick then iron it, if it is an over shirt for a round neck then let it go and see how it goes!