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miniTrooper: Cotton Canvas Laptop Backpacks

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.Which backpack is best for daily use?
The best backpack for daily use is the miniTrooper. Concise and compact, you can load it with a laptop, books, water bottle and a change and trust me you still will have space for an added item. 


2. Is wearing a backpack unprofessional?
There is nothing known as professional and unprofessional when talking about bags. When it comes to the miniTrooper i'm sure whoever you interact with will ask about it as it looks very stylish and accommodates space for all your belongings.


3. How do you pack a backpack for 7 days?
Depending on the trip you are going for, if it is with friends a pair of jeans and 2 t-shirts would be good, with the girlfriend you will need to Jazz up a little ;)


4. Can I fit 4 days of clothes in a backpack?
Yes absolutely the Daily use miniTrooper will fit clothes and items for a short 3 to 4 day travel. Check out Instagram for all our current customers using the miniTrooper.


5,Is it better to roll or fold clothes in a backpack?
It is best to roll clothes and put it in your backpack, this is as rolled clothes take up less space and come through as more efficient than folding clothes. They also remain crease free if you are wondering. So the best way out is rolling and tucking it into your backpack.


6.Is walking with a heavy backpack good for you?
Walking with a heavy backpack is bad for your back. A compact bag like the miniTrooper by Bombay Trooper is a well balanced backpack. This will assure less strain on your back.


7.Why are backpacks better than bags?
As they are easier to carry, backpacks are the most used form of bag today. From school to work everyone sees the practicality of the backpack and it is the most used bag today. Especially for those who have to travel it is a necessity to have a backpack.


8.Do backpacks ruin posture?
Backpacks that are very heavy, over 12kg, are not good for your back. The miniTrooper will never take that kind of weight and it assures you that the back posture will not get affected by a backpack.