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Best Harem Pants Collection To Style Your Wardrobe

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Best Harem Pants Collection To Style Your Wardrobe

The beginning of Harem Pants (or Trousers for people who decide upon this term) goes back nearly 2,000 years. Harem Pants are believed to originate from the dress-like tunic known as Dhoti, worn as a traditional men’s garment within the japanese world.
Harem pants are long, dishevelled pants that are fitted at the ankle. They have been originally called a harem skirt and have been brought to western style circles in 1910 with the aid of the Parisian designer, Paul Poiret.

All-in-one multi-purpose bottom wear designed for travel, workouts, yoga, festivals or daily wear.

Today Harem Pants may be seen everywhere from the big screen, to the local Yoga centre. They’ve lost their political stigma, come to be unisex, and are enjoyed by many for not only for their fashionable uniqueness but also for their functionality.
Harem Pants are free and comfortable, offering almost general freedom of movement, which gives them a bonus over more conventional garments together with jeans or skirts.
They are splendid for wearing inside and outside of the house, perfect for interests and sports which includes belly dancing or weight lifting.

With so many different style and color variations now available, Harem Pants can be employed to great effect for anything from the smart & sexy look, to the more off-beat style.

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