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Our Top 8 Backpacks For Men

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Top 8 Backpacks For Men

The Trooper Bag – Explorer Canvas Backpack

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This steampunk-stimulated bag is a multi-cause ultra-long lasting backpack that may be taken to the roughest locations in center earth.

The Trooper Bag – Green Explorer Canvas Backpack

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This is another colour varient for the Explorer Bag. The Explorer Bag is designed preserving in thoughts a true Trooper’s needs – from crazy ultimate minute hikes to normal use.

The Black Explorer – Canvas Backpack

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We have designed this bag to carry systems designed to handle with ease, whether you’re hopping on a flight, jumping on a train, or heading further for your off-beat track, your gear will safely navigate any voyage.

The Splash – 100% Waterproof Canvas Backpack

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From beautiful monsoon motorbike rides and treks to daily travel, Splash is an all-water resistant backpack that will take care of your belongings within the harshest weather situations while now not compromising one bit on style.

Foxtrot Backpack: Upcycled Eco-Friendly Canvas Backpack For Men & Women

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Rugged but elegant, Foxtrot is a backpack with a presence of its own. Made from robust cotton canvas, salvaged and upcycled from old military tents and trucks, this backpack has a history of a battle hero that made it.

Charlie Backpack: Upcycled Eco-Friendly Canvas Bag for Men & Women

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Charlie Backpack is a versatile solution to modern day consumer that can enlarge or agreement on call for with its 3-tiers of roll-pinnacle mechanism.

The Firangi – Artisanal Backpack

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Whether you commute to work by foot, car, train, bus or bike, this designer backpack is a convenient, comfortable and very popular way to carry work essentials. With so many backpacks to choose from, it can be tough to find a functional one that meets your work requirements, but also suits your style and doesn’t make you look like you’re about to head out for a hike.

miniTrooper Day Pack – Unisex Cotton Canvas Backpack For Daily Use

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MiniTrooper is a daypack version of our signature canvas backpack The Explorer. This cotton canvas backpack comes in a compact-length but has everything you would need – be it a each day workplace use or a hand-baggage on your subsequent flight – well organised for easy living.

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