10 Places You Should Still Avoid When Lockdown Ends


The self-quarantine guidelines designed to impede the spread of the coronavirus appear, at this early stage at least, to have effectively flattened the curve.

Although many medical experts and virologists warn that it’s far nonetheless too quickly to assert any kind of victory over the deadly contagion.

Here are the locations you should avoid.

1. Airports

Ask any epidemiologist well-versed within the spread of COVID-19, and the primary thing they’ll let you know is to avoid massive crowds.

And airports are basically full of crowds and bags and therefore, other people’s germs. Yes, airline journey is at a file low, and as a result, airports have some distance fewer fellow travellers. So this is the first place you should avoid after lockdown.

Mumbai Airport safety measures,

2. Metros, Trains and Buses

Buses and Trains present a real challenge for many, specifically a majority of urban health care workers.

Public transit is a vital technique to shuttle to and from the front traces of this conflict against the coronavirus.

If you need to take public transit, recognize that the shared space can be filled with germs.

So make certain to put on masks, gloves, and preserve a safe social distance from others as a lot as possible.

3. Hospitals

Hospitals are actually the epicentres of the coronavirus, these centres have become the epicentre of the COVID-19 virus.

There are a number of medical doctors that are of the belief that increased concentration of the contagion also brings much greater risk.

4. Gym

Can one think about another public region in which physical fluids are left so carelessly than in a gym?

Yes, most centres provide disinfectant wipes for those operating out, but gyms are filled with germs in surprising locations.

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5. Massage parlours and Spa’s

There is no way to avoid this relaxing remedy without very near contact and steam rooms are Petri dishes for germs in general.

Needless to say, it’s no longer a good concept amid the coronavirus pandemic.

6. Movie theatres

The shared enjoy that comes from going to a film theatre is a lovely thing.

And yet, even if you are seated six feet fat from a fellow moviegoer, the confined area and the unknown health of these round you and of folks that sat in your seat earlier are risky.

Better to stick with Netflix, Hotstar, and Amazon Prime for the close to term.

7. Hair salons

Until a barber invents a manner to trim your hair from six feet away, then it is probably smart to develop your hair.

In the event you feel self-conscious about your untamed mane, just know that everyone’s doing it!

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8. Bowling alleys

Sticking your hands in bowling balls that have additionally been picked up by fellow bowlers does not sound too smart right now.

And wearing shoes they’ve stuck their feet in too? Definitely no longer advisable.

9. Playgrounds

The occurrence of youngsters with coronavirus might be lower than it’s miles for adults, but the cases of runny noses at playgrounds maintain unabated.

Play it secure and only use monkey bars you realized haven’t been touched by using every other person’s germs.

So playground is the must place you should avoid after lockdown.

10. Gaming Zones

One cannot play an arcade game without touching buttons or mock steerage wheels.

Make sure that you avoid going to these places until the virus is completely wiped out.

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