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7 Most Unique Hotel Stays In Sweden

Looking for a spectacular night in a hotel room away in the Swedish woods? How about staying inside a gigantic bird’s nest, or watching the Northern Lights from inside an alien UFO?

Or living inside a mirror cube which gives you a feeling of living in an illusion. Yea! We all have thought of staying in it once in our lifetime.

A Hotel that would make your dream come true since it specializes in the best design and architecture in Sweden.

Let us experience nature in 7 most unique and memorable ways in TreeHotel Sweden

1. Mirror Room

  • This room has a beautiful illusion which shows that the room is made up of glass from floor to ceiling but from inside its made from wood.
  • On darker nights when the lights are on, you can actually sense that there is someone moving behind the pieces of mirror glass that are not covered by walls. Amazing isn’t it?

2. The Bird’s Nest

  by Bombay Trooper
The Birds Nest dusted in snow Image by Treehotel
  • Since you already felt like living in a gigantic bird’s nest? Here you just camouflage yourself and blend into the surrounding environment, that no one can see into.
  • You climb into the Bird’s Nest via a ladder and through a hatch in the floor. You then close the hatch, leaving the rest of the world outside.
  by Bombay Trooper
Image by Treehotel

3. The Cabin

  by Bombay Trooper
The Cabin room looks like a floating building amongst the trees Image by Treehotel
  • It’s called one of the most romantic hotel cabin in the entire Sweden. Get your better-half to this place for a date to remember.
  • Its location has been chosen so as to create a platform at the top of a steep slope overlooking the Lule River valley. It won’t get more romantic than this 🙂

4. The 7th Room

  by Bombay Trooper
The 7th Room Image by Treehotel<br><br>
  • The motive of the room is to bring people and nature close, It also has a beautiful social space where you can interact with people and have sheesha at the same time.
  • Inside the suite you would find panoramic windows facing the river valley and the beautiful northern lights – the bedrooms have skylight windows for you to view the bright summer night sky and sip a cup of coffee.
  by Bombay Trooper
The 7th Room Image by Treehotel<br>

5. The UFO

  by Bombay Trooper
The UFO cabin Image by Treehotel
  • Remember, as a child you always wished to live in a UFO that hovered above the forest? Well, now you have it.
  • The UFO is suspended on wires and beams connected to the trees so you literally feel the hover motion.
  • You should panic if someone knocks your door in the middle of the night 😛

6. The Dragonfly

  by Bombay Trooper
Interior room inside Dragon Fly image by Treehotel
  • You could get a 360-degree panoramic view of the valley, river and the pine trees. It’s known for one of the most luxurious spaces in this place.
  • There is a dedicated ramp that takes you up to the Dragonfly and ends at a small patio outside the door. This too has been the site of many proposals and engagements over the years.
  by Bombay Trooper
The Dragonfly cabin Image by Treehotel<br><br>

7. The Blue Cone

  by Bombay Trooper
Blue Cone covered in snow Image by TreeHotel
  • This place has big windows for you to unwind, read and reflect as you gaze out on the dramatic snowy landscape.
  • But how come a room named the Blue Cone is bright red? The architect used Blue Cone as a working name but, found a red color so beautiful that he decided to go with that instead.
  • With its spaciousness and beautiful view, it is a highly appreciated hotel room.
  by Bombay Trooper
Blue Cone covered in snow Image by TreeHotel <br>

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You get abducted by aliens. They offer your freedom in exchange for a meal that best represents human species. What would you cook? Let us know in the comment section 😉

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