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Which T-shirt best describes your personality.

Bombay Trooper has a wide range of graphic t-shirts to keep you comfortable at all times while making sure you’re at your expressive-best. With over 200+ variants to choose from, which t-shirt describes your personality perfectly?

The Traveller – Into the Wild

Always on the lookout for the next long weekend. Usually carries a book in their backpack. Chai, Maggi, and mountains – there is no better combination.

Travel T-shirt

The Procrastinator – I’ll do it later

Decides to start going to the gym from Monday, on every weekend. “I’ll start working from 7….h no, it’s 7:05. I’ll start at 8.” “Alexa, how to study for an entire semester in 6 hours.”

Crazy T-shirts

That friend who might have a drinking problem- Beer Equations 

TGIF. Has been to every club in town. Drinks beer instead of water. Loves jager bombs. “Aaj gaadi tera bhai chalayega.”

Beer T-shirts 

The Geek – Hogwarts Exchange

Has the best plot theories. Torrent is their savior. Goes to Comicon every year; spends all their money on merch. Marvel or DC?

Comic Tshits

The Animal Lover – Woofadar

Must pet every dog they see. Believes that cats are plotting world domination. Life goals – mother of 10 dogs/crazy cat lady. “What do we do when we feel sad? We hug a dog.”

Funky Tshirts

The Smoker Cough Cough– Pass the Joint

Sabse chill. Snacks are their best friends. Kasol is their place of pilgrimage. Pink Floyd, Bob Marley, and Cigarettes After Sex. Jai Bholenath.

Party Tshirts

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