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How to Wear Joggers – Style Ideas for Female

What are jogger pants

The fashion statement for women is ever-evolving and most women would prefer to have a top-notch style quotient. That being said, comfort and multi-purpose usage can’t be overrated when it comes to women’s wardrobe choices. Women’s jogger pants are a welcome wardrobe addition for both millennials and otherwise, as they are the best fit for casual and cool occasions. They can be a perfect substitute for a pair of khakis, slacks, or a casual skirt and will accentuate a woman’s overall outfit while being a comfort-wear. 

Considering the wide-scale popularity, Joggers are available in a wide variety, thick-knit silk or leather being the most prominent ones. The waistbands are essentially stretchy and come with drawstrings, making joggers have a higher wardrobe-life. 

Picking your jogger pants

 Joggers are quite versatile and thus should be chosen judiciously. While women may prefer the comfort that they offer the most, they should consider jogger styles and patterns if they are wearing joggers on a casual occasion or even to the office. Women’s jogger pants with bold colors and textures/patterns are definitely going to up your fashion game. 

Style Ideas

 Styling a jogger is up to you and the look you are eying to ace. No matter if you are looking for a sporty or a trendy or a semi-formal look, joggers are the best fit.  

Sporty/classic joggers 

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Thick jersey joggers with a fit suitable to your taste with a tank top or a baggy t-shirt is the pro combination if you are vying for a sporty/classic look. Pair it up with sneakers, stacked bracelets, or a pair of statement earrings, and you are sorted. 

Trendy joggers 

If you want to feel comfy as well as look trendy, thin jerseys with bold patterns are your best bet. Throw down a printed t-shirt or something glittery for a chick look and you are ready to rock. You can furnish your style with a pair of flats or 4-inch heels.

Semi-formal joggers 

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If you are exploring joggers for semi-formal occasions, pairing a formal button-down shirt with silk or leather jogger pants will do. A formal coat, pearl earrings along with a statement bracelet will work wonders for your semi-formal look.

How to choose your look? 

Jogger pants for women are definitely a comfort-wear that can be styled for any and every occasion with a bit of styling strategy. Here are some essential tips to guide you to choose your look rather efficiently.

Grey Joggers with A Plain White T-Shirt 

Grey joggers are quite flexible when it comes to styling as you can opt for a plain white t-shirt or a black one to accentuate the overall look. Pairing grey jogger pants with a grey tank or crop-top will also leave you with a trendy monochrome look. Grey joggers being styled candidly with a messy bun, stacked bracelets and a pair of sneakers is all you would need to ace the Friday movie night look.

 Camo Joggers And A Denim Jacket

Camo joggers have been in style for quite some time and this trend is not going to die-down in the near future. You can never go wrong with camo joggers with an all-time favorite denim jacket look. A tank, crop, or a racerback top in any color is good to go under the denim jacket. Accessorize your overall outfit as you please depending on the occasion. 

Denim Joggers for A Grunge Look

If you are vying for a chick or a bit of grunge look, pair up your Denim joggers with an oversized t-shirt or a hoodie. Finish the look with a trendy bomber jacket and a pair of combat boots. You are sure to turn heads with this look! 

Black Velvet Joggers with An Oversized Sweater

Joggers have become quite an everyday wear that many women might be trying a tad too hard to obtain a unique look. Here comes the role of velvet joggers! A black velvet pair of joggers go well with tunics, crop tops, and even off-shoulder tops, and tees. You can also pair up black velvet joggers with an oversized sweater for the “girl next door” look. 

Joggers and Crop Tops

 Joggers and crop tops are an absolute combination. You have the flexibility to style them in any manner you see fit. And, don’t forget to for broad platform heels with an open-toe to complete the overall look. 

Stretch Joggers For The Gym

 Being equal amounts comfy, stretchable, and best-fit, stretch joggers make an absolute gym gear. And, as they are an every-occasion outfit, you don’t have to worry about getting them changed before stopping for a cup of coffee or meeting your friends. Check out the trendy jogger pants for gym collection at Bombay Trooper! 

Harem Pants Style Joggers

Harem style joggers would leave you spellbound with the comfort and convenience they offer. Pair them up with sneakers or regular flip flops and you are ready to go!

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