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What to Wear to Yoga Class

Yoga is highly essential for the rejuvenation of the body, mind, and soul. And, in today’s context, it’s even more imperative given the sedentary and fast-paced lifestyle choices. However, several factors are at play for making the most of yoga. Yoga gear is one of the crucial aspects. It’s wise to opt for breathable, flexible, and comfy gears for a yoga session so that it does not interfere with mastering certain yoga poses.

The yoga gear preferences may vary from person to person. Yet, we would walk you through some of the essential things to wear to your next yoga session.

Yoga leggings/pants

Yoga leggings/pants is an absolute choice as it offers a good combination of comfort and breathability. Spandex blend pants made from nylon or polyester materials offer a great deal of flexibility while absorbing the excess moisture during yoga. While loose yoga pants can be suitable for restorative yoga, they are not recommended for power vinyasa sessions. Choose your gear based on the type of yoga exercises you would be performing.

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Yoga shorts

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Yoga shorts, especially, the spandex ones designed for women are known to absorb body sweat during strenuous exercises, however, they tend to ride up during inversions. If you are worried about coverage, choose yoga shorts that are knee-length, thick-knitted, and are not see-through, or saggy.

Yoga tops

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Yoga tops are the most-coveted yoga gears by both women and men as the form-fitting aspect makes yoga exercises quite easy, and hassle-free for them. In addition, they don’t have to worry about coverage. To cater to this, most yoga tops for women come with built-in inners and linings. Shop for the best yoga tops online at Bombay Trooper and give them a tryout before wearing them to your yoga session.

Yoga sweaters/jackets

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Many of us would like to stop for a cup of coffee prior to a yoga session or run an errand after. And, having a comfy, and warm yoga sweater/jacket definitely comes handy for these scenarios. They are even more beneficial during the Winters as they can keep you warm against the chilly weather once you step out.


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Have you been on a mat and on the verge of slipping off? Well, if yes, yoga socks can come to your rescue. Rather than buying a non-slip yoga mat or using a towel under your feet, yoga socks are a better alternative.

Breathable underwear

Breathable underwear is a must for yoga, so choose ones that can wick moisture, do not chafe, and at the same time help you breathe easier. Make sure the underwear is not too bold in color to look see-through.

What to Look For in Yoga Clothing?

When it comes to opting for yoga clothing, you should make a judicious decision and find the right balance between comfort, fit, and flexibility. The breathability of yoga gear is also an important aspect to look for as cotton yoga gear is believed to absorb the extra sweat during strenuous yoga exercises and keep you comfortable. Yoga gears also should be flexible enough to suit most yoga poses such as stretching, bending, lunging, reaching, and rolling.

How to Take Care of Your Yoga Clothing

Most apparel, especially for yoga, comes with a set of washing and drying instructions. No matter if it’s a silk or cotton material, it’s advised to wash your yoga gear with cold water after turning it inside out. Try to avoid the dryer as much as possible and hang it under low heat for a relatively shorter duration to keep the yoga gear fresh, and clean. If you prefer bold-colored yoga gears, be highly careful with the first couple of washes as the colors are going to bleed. Always, wash your yoga clothing separately and don’t mix them with other cotton apparel.

Factors to Consider When Shopping for Yoga Clothes for Women

Women are being highly meticulous when it comes to refurbishing their wardrobe, be it for office-wear, casual-wear, gym, or yoga. And, especially, the yoga gear purchase must be done thoughtfully while considering the type of yoga one will be doing. While some yoga poses may require highly breathable and comfy clothing, less vigorous yoga sessions can be navigated with an assortment of long skirts, harem pants, or stretchable leggings.

Apart from the yoga style, here are some of the other factors to be considered while shopping for yoga clothes for women.

Material: Cotton and Lycra make the best material for yoga gear as cotton absorbs sweat efficiently while Lycra is highly stretchable. Make sure to shop for thick-knit yoga gear so that you can stop worrying if your gear appears see-through after an intensive session.

Comfort, and Fit: Yoga poses require your body movements to be highly flexible. Yoga gear with snug-fit is essential as it helps your instructor to guide you better. Be sure to shop for fit and comfy gear from the extensive collection of yoga gear for women online at Bombay Trooper.

Durability, and Price: Yoga is believed to offer better results when it’s done over a prolonged duration or to be more precise consistently. So, your yoga gear must have a good shelf-life. Don’t hesitate to spend a tad extra while shopping for the perfect yoga gears for yourself. 

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