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The Splash - Backpack


Material Used: Waterproof Cotton Canvas.
Specs: 17" Laptop Sleeve. Variable Capacity - from 15L to 30L. 2 Side Pockets. 1 Front Pocket with Waterproof Zipper
Dimensions (l x b x h): 12" x 5" x 16"(minimum) & 12" x 5" x 25" (maximum)


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Splash Backpack - The Story

We at Bombay Trooper love outdoors and believe that joyuous things like rains should be experienced in its natural state. Human body is waterproof but what about things you carry on daily basis? Your laptop, books, camera kit or clothes? They need a secure housing when you're out in the open world with sky full of rains and rainbows.
This is when we decided to create a backpack that is completely waterproof but at the same time, isn't one of those tacky plastic ones. The search of the ideal material ended when Iris - the Greek Goddess of rainbow - herself brought us a magic potion that converts a regular cotton canvas into a water repelling hydrophobic fabric.
Thus, the creation of Splash Backpack came to be and since then, we have enjoyed end number of treks, bike rides or even a stroll on the beach without caring about rains harming our belongings.
We hope you enjoy the adventures this backpack will bring you.

Fun Activity: Put a drop of water on the material - it will transform into a slippery marble - try to balance it and keep it from rolling over. We spent countless hours playing this game. LOL!

Introducing "The Splash - Backpack"

This monsoon Bombay Trooper brings you a completely waterproof backpack that is not all-plastic. The Splash Backpack is made from a unique coated cotton canvas that rolls water off the body like a dew from a leaf.

This backpack has a smart roll-top design that packs 15 litres of storage but can conveniently expand upto 30 litres when needed. It features faux leather highlights, a quick-release hook, 15" laptop sleeve and dynamic fasteners on side and bottom to mount your gear. From beautiful monsoon bike rides and treks to daily travel, Splash is a backpack that will take care of your belongings in the harshest weather conditions while not compromising one bit on style.


Rainproof Canvas Material:

Finally a waterproof backpack that's not ALL plastic. The exterior of the Camper is made with 100% cotton canvas fabric - treated with a special water-repelling magic potion. Just try pouring a drop of water on it and see the way it rolls down - looks goddamn poetic.


The main compartment is completely open, lined with a waterproof polyester material and houses a 17" padded laptop sleeve. Two side pockets doubles as bottle holders. One front pocket with waterproof YKK zipper for easy access to your phone, wallet, etc.


To make the Splash a perfect outdoor companion - it features side-mount straps and bottom-mount straps at the base to hold stuff like tripods, windcheaters, sleeping bags, muddy shoes. Or even your pet gerbil, if you’re into that stuff.

Roll Top Design:

Now let’s talk about THE BEST PART of this backpack.

The Splash, featuring a roll-top design has extendable capacity. Depending on your need, you can conveniently alter the bag’s height to suit daily use or extend it for use on overnight trips or a long vacation to The Lonely Mountain. Unlike our previous roll-top design "The Camper", this one features a quick-release G-hook so you can open it in a blink.

Talk about multi-tasking*!

Talk about being versatile**!

Talk about being efficient***!

The Splash is everything****, all at once!


*No, it won’t cover for you at work.

**No, it does not double up as a Baby Carrier.

***No, it won’t help you sort out your quarter life crises.

****No, dammit, it does not come with free pizza.




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