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The Trooper Bag - Explorer


Material Used: 100% Cotton Canvas, Brass Fittings, Ropes.
Specs: 16" Laptop Side Sleeve. 30L Capacity. 2 Bottle Holders. Front + Side Pockets.
Dimensions: 18" x 14" x 8"

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SKU BG0001

Introducing, The Trooper Bag

This steampunk canvas backpack made of canvas, brass fittings and ropes can be taken to the roughest places in middle earth.

The Trooper Bag is designed keeping in mind a true Trooper's needs - from crazy last minute hikes to everyday college use.


Laptop Sleeve:

The Trooper Bag features a special side-facing laptop sleeve that will do away the need to keep unzipping it frequently and having things fall out. You know like your smelly socks and packets of chips. (And no one gets a peek at your secret stash!)

Bottle Holders:

The bag has a multiway loop that can be adjusted to secure things both in the inner and outer pockets - useful for stashing bottles of all sorts, if you get our drift! ;)

Front Pocket:

Dedicated pockets for everyday essentials like powerbanks, earphones, loose change, etc.

Chillar Pockets:

Two easy access pockets have been provided on either side so you can quickly take the change (or any small knick knacks) out without having to remove the bag while wearing.

Main Compartment:

The bag features collapsible main compartment that nicely holds all your daily objects but can also blow up to 30 liters of capacity to transform into an ideal vacation bag. Also has a strategically hidden secret pocket if you're carrying around valuables like your concert tickets, chocolates, make up, etc. and need to keep them hidden from your greedy little friends.

Carabiner Loops:

Hooks and Loops on various places enables this bag to become the ultimate Trekking / Hiking gear. Front loops can be used to hang your accessories while the bottom hooks can be used to fasten your shoes / sleeping bag.

Could we have done a better job on the design? I think not!
This is one bag that does it all!

Limited stock, get yours today!

Update on the new batch:

Water Resistant: We heard your requests. All bag compartments now have water-resistant layer inside the canvas so you could take it for your favourite monsoon treks.


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