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The Trooper Bag - Boho


The Boho Backpack collection with built-in carry pouch.

Material: Denim + Artisan Handloom Fabric
Type: Cylindrical with adjustable height
Dimensions: 23" x 13" x 7.5"

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SKU BG0004

Introducing The Boho Collection

Ultra-light portable backpacks made from Denim + Artisan Hand loom fabrics.

The Boho Backpack, an original Bombay Trooper design, is a unique everyday backpack for the free-spirited travelers.

BUILD: The Boho is made from 100% cotton denim that gives it the strength and highlighted with a choice of various Artisan Hand loom fabrics sourced from indigenous villages across the country that adds an artistic touch to the bag.

DESIGN: It is a roll-top cylindrical design with adaptable height ranging from 14" to 23". The base and the straps have highlights of the artisan fabric available is various patterns.

UNIQUE FEATURE: The Boho folds into a tiny palm-sized pouch (built-in) to make it easy to carry while traveling or shopping or any occasion where your bag isn't filled yet. The pouch can be mounted on a rucksack or belt buckle using the clip provided or a carabiner (not provided).

The Boho is a perfect choice for your light commutes to office or college, trips to the bazaar or sightseeing walk during your travel.



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